We help you build an effective, integrated strategy, implement the contract correctly and deliver the best results. 



We provide a holistic service to both Employers and Contractors, including the following:

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Advising on the most effective contracting philosophy for the project

Commercial and legal risk analysis

Drafting of contract documents, either bespoke or based on standard form contracts (such as FIDIC, NEC, GCC and JBCC)

Drafting and reviewing of enquiry documents for tenders/proposals

Drafting and reviewing of Employer’s Requirements or Works Information documents

Reviewing and adjudicating of the commercial and legal portions of tenders/proposals

Facilitating workshops and kick-off meetings to ensure a thorough knowledge of the details and practical application of specific contracts by all parties involved

Training in all standard form contracts, based on client requirements

Administration of contracts and commercial support

Claims management, including advice on potential claims well in advance, with the aim of avoiding disputes

Preparation of arguments and submissions in promotion or defence of claims

Contractual and project audits, during projects or retrospectively with a ‘lessons learned’ approach

Dispute resolution, dispute management and settlement services

Negotiation in settlement of disputes

Representation on behalf of the client in adjudication, mediation or arbitration procedures

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