Power Generation Projects (Coal & Renewable)

Power generation is a massively controversial subject in this day and age, with the situation in South Africa in recent years being particularly complex. CSSI has been working closely with various clients in this field on several renewable energy projects as well as both the Kusile and Medupi projects.


We have and continue to assist and advise numerous contractors executing different packages on the Kusile and Medupi projects, ranging from small installation-only contracts to major, multi-billion Rand packages. In this, CSSI has drafted and negotiated contracts for these clients over many years, advised and assisted with the day to day contract management and claims processes and of course with dispute resolution, including several adjudications, arbitrations and court processes.


In respect of renewable energy, CSSI has been mainly involved in solar and wind power projects in South Africa, assisting and advising its clients with the drafting and negotiation of contracts, and the management of claims and disputes.

Botswana, South Africa